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Free fonts project

In 2008, Ivan Gladkikh started the Free fonts project aiming to make free typography more popular. More than 50 fonts and typefaces were created in collaboration with a significant number of famous and novice Russian designers. Many of those fonts, such as Cuprum, Philosopher, Molot, Bender, Flow, and Neucha, may now be seen all over the world in some very surprising and unexpected places.

In 2014, some projects of the TypeType company have joined the Free fonts project, along with the TypeType School students’ graduation works that were created in the course of face-to-face and online learning process under the School’s art-director supervision.

Charity program

The continuous charity program «ON your heart» is a part of the Free fonts project. As a part of the program we collect donations intended for help and therapy for sick children. If you liked our free fonts, we encourage you to please donate using the following payment methods and account details:

Yandex.Money 41001412092310 or, Paypal: Under «Payment» enter the word «Donate». Reports on help provided to the children are regularly published in Ivan’s personal blog
with the «History» tag.